victa designs

‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.’
— Gianni Versace

Who are we?

Victa Designs is a women's apparel company based in Denver, CO. The brand was established in 2014 and is expanding. We design and manufacture comfortable, versatile sophisticated clothing for curvy figures.  The classic designs are inspired by worldwide travel to be flexible with other pieces, dressed up or down and be thrown in a suitcase without too much worry. We use quality, natural fibers to ensure comfort and style. Victa Designs’ customer is a mature woman who knows her style, prefers comfort and long lasting style to trends.


The Fit

While fit of these clothes will fit many body types, the garments are made for those who have curvy figures and often have problems with gaping in shirts or pants because of a smaller waist size or larger bosoms and bottoms.

100% Handmade

As handmade as a product could be!

  • We strive to support local industries.
  • All products are produced in Colorado, USA
  • We guarantee great craft.

Beautiful Things

Why can't we all look beautiful? It doesn't matter how many articles of clothing you own, it's how you put them together and carry yourself.


All women should feel beautiful !

Stephanie Victa is an artist, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. After completing her Masters Degree in Sculpture, she lived abroad in Grosseto, Italy then did a Fulbright Fellowship in the Philippines. This year and a half opened up her eyes to creating a project that would combine her passion for the arts and humanitarian work.

While abroad, Stephanie was inspired to make dresses for a few women. They were for women and girls who did not have the means to frivolously buy a nice dress. Beauty comes in many forms, we all know that, but the intention Stephanie was trying to understand is that perhaps a person just needs a small push of self confidence or esteem to get to that next level of being motivated or happy in the world; sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us and that person should be oneself.




A special thanks to KAMera, Mac Studios, and Tajia Lund for the product photography.

As Victa Designs matures as a company, our vision is to initiate and support humanitarian projects in countries such as Haiti, the Philippines, and Uganda. In 2016, we started a program, "One Stitch at a Time" in Jacmel, Haiti. It is a free program that teaches community members how to sew. The program consists of four modules presented over a year to teach skills such as sewing machine maintenance and operation, garment construction, pattern drafting, and product development. Along with these valuable technical skills, students also learn about business management from the perspective of both project management and marketing. The first cohort will be graduating in September 2017.  

Thank you for supporting Victa Designs!