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Cheers to New Beginnings!

Stephanie VictaComment

I want to share a bit of my story to everyone on the same page with why I'm doing this project. I'm not a person who kept a journal so blogging might prove to be tedious or to my surprise, it could open up new interests. Thought bubble...I always dreamed about being a food critic as a sidebar in life. Well here's a little about how I got started...

I have always been interested in fashion. Not being able to keep up with it as a teenager, I decided to make my own trends and styles by sticking to basics while adding something with a little flair. I have been making clothing since I first learned how to use a sewing machine at 15 but only got more serious about designing while in grad school. My dear friend and studio mate, Younghwan Choi, was making a costume for his performance and it was looking a little sad. I offered my help to make it fit better; in turn, it reminded me how much I enjoyed sewing and designing clothes. Sewing became my stress relief from conceptualizing art and writing papers and before I knew it my wardrobe was growing. I was more detail oriented and could construct a garment a little easier.

I did a few projects for myself, a friend, and did some interior design making roman shades and curtains, upholstering things, a lot of dabbling if you will. When I left the US I had two suitcases for the next year and a half, one with a sewing machine and fabric, and the other had clothes and personal belongings. I collected cloth in Italy and when I reached the Philippines I found a seamstress to help realize the designs I had come up with. I was never aware of how challenging it could be to relate ideas to someone about what was so clear in my head. Communicating with her got me to focus on details while developing a curiosity in pattern drafting.

All the while I was still sewing on my own time, exploring how to construct garments using a french seam because I had no serger to lock the fabric. This proved difficult at times but made for a clean, finished garment. I was just figuring it out as I went. Even if I have a clear drawing of what I want it to look like, there's still discovery that happens as I sew it. That is when I am inspired to add the details. Now let's fast forward to Denver.

I'm experiencing the reverse culture shock of being back in the US and not knowing what I will do with myself after doing an amazing project. I get a couple of mick jobs and carry on. I met a couple of designers in Denver and tried to work with them to learn something but it probably wasn't a good fit. I spend all of my free time sewing and wrestling. After putting out the message and reaching out to Emily Griffith, I found a pattern drafter, Landry Burrows, I could work with easily. She helped me get a couple of things moving.

A year later I met Ashley O'Brien who got me a job at Cosewn and life just opened up! It took me two years to settle into Denver and now it has me by the balls. I wasn't sure if production sewing was the right fit for me but I could see myself producing garments there. I stuck it out, have learned so many things and am so grateful to Ashley and Jessica (owner of Cosewn).

I remember listening to a lecture about success some time ago and the most prominent part that stuck out to me was that most people give up right before they meet success. I suppose writing this is a reminder to myself to not give up, that it's just the beginning of something really fun. I gotta say it has been the scariest endeavor and I've done many things. So cheers to new beginnings and being brave!